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Serious Sam 2 v2.066 Patch
Filename: sam2patch_2_066a_59775.exe

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Serious Sam 2 v2.066 Patch - File Description  

Changes in 2.066.00 patch:

Added dedicated server support (see DedicatedServer.txt in the patch).
Vertical slider next to some lists (e.g. server list) now reacts to mouse clicks and movement.
Server list can now be properly used with the mouse.
Fixed scrolling of some lists (levels, profiles).
Swapped function of up/down arrows in some menu screens.
Options boxes (yes/no and similar) now cycle options - selecting the last option and going to the 'next' one will go back to the first option and vice versa.
Netricsa icon will no longer appear if subtitles are turned off.
Playing with high ping time (>500ms) caused strange things to happen for clients (dying immediately after respawning, being unable to turn off cheats...).
Difficulty setting wasn't properly restored when loading a saved game.
Match details menu screen now displays the server version. It will be displayed in RED if the servers version doesn't match the clients.
Version number in the main menu is now more visible.
Added a beep sound when a new line appears in the chat console.
Added support for resolutions with strange aspect ratio (namely, 1280x1024).
In cooperative games, info for all players (name, health, armor) is displayed on the right part of the screen.
Added an option to profile settings ("always pick up items") to disable picking items when not needed (e.g. ammo if already at max ammo).
Servers can now be password protected via the 'net_strConnectPassword' cvar.
To join a password protected server, the client mus set the password string to 'net_strConnectPassword' cvar.
Added the 'samListPlayers()' console command to list all players in format 'playerindex: playername'.
Bloom effect now works properly in HDR mode on ATI X1000 series boards (no more pixelization).
Added controling compatibility mode for DirectSound mixing ("software emulation" in "audio options" menu).
Fixed problem with sound playback and mouse input on multi-(core-)CPU systems.
Fixed wrong performance detection on Intel integrated graphics chips.
Fixed wrong profiler timings under dual-core CPUs.
When toggling HDR mode while using FSAA, cfunc 'gfxRestart()' is now required.
Weapon can't be changed while recoiling.
Added message for recently picked items.
Game can't be quick loaded in multiplayer.
Fixed jerky movie playback on slower CPUs.
Added option to automatically quit the game after demo benchmarking is finished (cvar 'bmk_bAutoQuit=1', best to use it as command line param, "+bmk_bAutoQuit 1").

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